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Sorry, Site was Down due to Lamers --> more security is necessary and some new avatar

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Ouahh, I really do not understand why we can not do our stuff easy... no spammers, lamers, hackers, opportunits... there are all there to take your time by making trouble while they take easy cash !!
I personnaly totally dislike that comportment and especially when the site was down because of that :!!
So, I had to improve the security level by locking inputs to registered users, especially the tell a friend (or mail this page) link which was abused and plenty emails have been sent !!!
SORRY TO ALL PEOPLE WHO ENCOUNTERED PROBLEM with that spam, it is not the desire of casualmob.com which aims to provide free promotion and flash gaming service !!
I shall approve new game submission by now, which means better promotion management !
If you encounter any problem with CasualMob.com, use the report links or contact Here !
So Please Lamers, let us be and go your way !
Thanks to all people who helpled !

A good News, I add some new avatar, feel free to change yours !!