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Good Morning !!

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Hello, I am pretty glad to be your new main contact for casualmob.com. I am controlling more and more the website and hope to be regularly online as far as my baby at home let me do it ;p (yeah home man and webmaster, that could be tiring but also exciting !).
So, I love game from I am about 7 or 8 with thomson, atari and after that amiga and pc 1512... well I forget my daddy greeny apple one !! Loved first POP !
After, I tested Nintendos, Sega, Sony, MS and so on, I think I have pretty tested many platforms. And now, there are many more new games (without counting on home game and pcs) that we can not afford to play all : flash games next to java games, or mobile games are a great source of pleasure !!
We love the speed of internet and it is just the beginning !!!
Test all games you want and feedback whenever the way, it always great to get them.
And as a mob which can have a self consciousness, do not hesitate to make it better all together - the main word is communicate (quite obvious for internet :o)